Sarah James

Song of Songs - CD

The Song of Songs is finally here, ready to be downloaded into your i-pod or whatever. At the moment, we are just doing digital distribution, but perhaps by the summer there will be hard copies available at CD Baby and at gigs! Give a listen and prepare to have a great experience. Derrick Mc Queen is a formidable voice delivering the text with great depth of feeling and love, John di Martino and Hearn Gadbois together form the musical magic carpet ride to blissful awareness of the nuances of intimacy, relationship, purity of feeling and spiritual connection between lovers.

This is a cd you will want to keep in the bedroom, in your cd player for when you need inpiration for your love life.... and in your car as you drive to keep you inspired and engaged in heart realization.

everywhere, everything - spoken word/singing word CD

Compositions and poems featuring Ed Schuller on bass, Teri Roiger special guest and Sarah James narrating and playing playing piano! Cerebral... Mesmerizing... Creative....

Eleven Songs - A compilation as of October 2008 of previously recorded songs in one presentation!

All original music and lyric by Sarah James featuring one tune written by Peter Barshay with Sarah's lyric. A favorite by popular consensus!


This cd is really sweet company when you are doing emotional clearing, past lifetime soul work, spiritual exercise and going into your heart chakra... I use this cd when I give massage, relflexology treatments and facials. I find the meditations support and focus emotional transformation work. I was inspired to write this from the work of Bellaruth Naprastek. I wrote and narrated all the meditations on the cd.The meditations are inspired by the ideas that came to me as I thought about each individual oil in the FEELINGS KIT. The original Young Living Feelings Kit had 12 oils and the cd was writeen with these oils in mind. The new feelings kit is smaller, all these oils aren't in it, but you can still buy it and use the meditations with the oils in the present kit and if you want, purchase the other oils separately to have the entire experience.


for more info to purchase YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS and many other excellent products!

if i should lose you - CD

This is the very first CD I recorded way back in 1995! WOW! Still swinging, hip and a groove to check out. 2 originals and the rest standards, with great musicians on board. I still really like it!

yin universe volume 1 - CD

yin universe, what a concept! just think..... if the world respected the yin force, violence would not be a form of communication.......... the music on this cd is for meditation, yoga, massage and all activities that are reflective in nature and welcome the spirit into the moment.... keep it in your journeying collection for special flights.........

Intimate Dialogs - CD

My newest CD!!

A Little Crazy - CD

This CD is music and poetry. Arturo O'Farrill plays piano with wit, brilliance and creativity, making my poetry and tunes sound really fabulous. Kind of folky, kind of jazzy, kind of nu jazz... really great CD Bob Ackerman is my special guest of this project. He plays contra-bass clarinet with a deep, dark, expansive sound adding a vibration that is tasty and eclectic. Buy at CD BABY!

Sarah James and The American Tribal Ensemble - Volume 1

The American Tribal Ensemble is a wonderful collection of musicians improvising with my poetry, energetic, engaging and sonic excitement!

Voices From The Collective Mind - American Tribal Ensemble with Sarah James

Voices From The Collective Mind are recordings of my poetry and my musical friends bring their musicianship, their intuition and the ability to collectively improvise brilliantly and creatively around the texts. A sonic adventure of the spirit!

Sarah James and The American Tribal Ensemble Link To Infinity - Link To Infinity

The third offering from a new incarnation of The Tribal Ensemble. With my poetry and narration, the band is smaller, but just as fiery.

Yin Universe Volume 2 Listening Deep Within - Meditation/Yoga/Relaxation

This CD is a solo CD, I am playing alto flute, flute, frame drum, water vessels, cymbals, percussion and voice. Meant for meditation, yoga, massage and relaxation. A lovely journey in the time space moment. Also available on i tunes under my name.

Black Summer Sleep - Music and The Spoken Word

This CD has my poetry on it with accompaniment by Arturo O'Farrill and Bob Ackerman. This CD is all spoken word and some of the tracks on this one, were released on "A Little Crazy". I hope you enjoy!


Skylark is a great CD chock full of tried and true standards. plus a fabulous gem of a tune, Devil May Care, from one of our greatest living composers, Mr. Bob Dorough. Produced by Dean Venezia on drums, and featuring Sarah James on vocals, flute and alto saxophone you'll definitely want to add this to your collection of tunes to play when you are having a get together with friends and family or home alone on a snowy evening!