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I'm starting this blog 2 days before 2010 in hopes I can keep it up and write interesting content like new poems, essential oil recipes, thoughts on the all kinds of things, musical journeys, new videos on my musical journeys, rants, raves and general love notes to the world. People do pour out their hearts and souls on these things and I'd like to try have a topic or some sort of focus to keep things interesting... I'm starting a few new websites to kind of, fan the fires, so to speak. First, if you have a moment, go to You Tube and search for "VelvetMoonMedia". This is a new journey for me. I have been going to so many great singers and musicians gigs and hearing some beautiful sounds that I decided to document what is going on LIVE IN NY! Starting in the new year I hope to have more vids up so you can check out the music if you are in Poland, Japan, California or where ever on the globe. From now on, if there's a video to go along with a blog I'll let you know! So, Ciao for now... See you in the blogsphere!.......... xoxooxxxx Sarah

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