October 2, 2020

Fall 2020 is here... tonite the Moon and Mars are sitting so close together in the sky it looks breathtaking! So much going on in the world, people in big trouble from Covid 19. We musicians have no live gigs…

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Almost 2017...


Thought I would shout out to the world for happy holidays and I hope 2017 brings many good things and feelings into your life. So... Here in the United States we have a new president elect and he wasn't…

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2016 Year of The Fire Monkey

Thinking of Valentines Day today and wishing the joy of a happy heart to you dear reader. In whatever way it comes to you having a happy heart can really keep things in perspective. Think of all the stress you…

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Just put up new videos! check in the VIDEO section!

Spring 2014 has officially Spring....

Hello! So much going on for me... Doing music, poetry, facepainting, videos, henna... just moving forward and doing, doing, doing.... not a whole lot of being, being, being......

I remember the days I could just…

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jazz singers (P)

jazz singers


walk fast in the night

run down deep corridors

find the beginning of rivers

get shovels and start digging


move through ice caves

sing clear blue melting pools

rainbow arrows of songs

past skyscrapers and fields


they trip…

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April was Jazz and Poetry Month

Just wanted to publish a few poems written expressly for jazz and poetry month. I had originally wanted to write a poem for each day in April.... But life stepped in and took me away.... Again.... so.... here is what…

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Ningxia Red in Nightclubs!

As I write this the new moon hangs low in the western night sky, that famous sliver of white, suspended in a cloudless New York skyline. The other evening, last Thursday in fact, I went to the Zinc Bar on…

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Grafitti Kiss Available On iTunes!

Happy to say GRAFITTI KISS is now out and available on iTunes. this project is basically a solo project with special guests Nick Spidaletto/Guitar and Hearn Gadbois/Percussion joining me as well. I am singing and saying my poetry, with layers…

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It's Been A Long Time!

Hello and End of Summer 2012 Greetings!

Well, I think it's been a year since I've posted on this blog. So many changes... All Good! Learning about marketing, creating videos for my music and essential oils and even, (very soon)

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who will sell out next? (P)

who will sell out next?


i picked grapes today

green, sweet falling off the vine

the skins are thick

the seeds brown and bitter


they’ll make good juice

fragrant, potent and pungent

new moon coming

the night is still…



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Nancy King new CD is coming out soon! "PERENNIAL"

All you Nancy King fans will be happy to know that PERENNIAL IS SOON TO BE RELEASED!!! We should be getting the cd's very soon (maybe even by FEBRUARY 22, 2011) The official NANCY KING DAY

in Portland, Oregon!  There…

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