Healing With Young Living Helichrysm Oil

How I Found Out Helichrysm Oil Is Totally Amazing The 1st Time


My roommate had moved and I was cleaning up some of the things she had left and I had washed a lot of dishes and glassware in the dishwasher. I was unloading the dishwasher and putting things away when I reached in to get a vase and missed the vase I had intended to get and instead, inadvertedly reached underneath the bottom of another vase. This vase was a long clear glass vase with a very sharp top rim. I felt a burning stinging sensation and pulled my hand out quickly. I then noticed the middle finger of my right hand was bleeding and I had a deep cut to the bone, with a flap of skin about ¼ inch by ¼  inch not attached! This is that part of the top of the hand where you don’t have a lot of skin!


I thought, “oh no…. I’m in trouble now” and proceeded to run cold water on it, apply pressure to try and stop the bleeding and get some ice. I did this for about 15 minutes and it wouldn’t stop bleeding. I sing and play piano and I had a gig that night…. This was not good…   I remembered George Koury and Rudy Hunter talking about how helichrysm oil could stop bleeding so I went to my oil bag, found the helichrysm and applied it.


Within about 3 to 4 minutes the bleeding started pooling, in about another 5 minutes it stopped altogether. Since it was a very deep cut, I thought I might need stitches, but since it stopped bleeding I decided to wait and see. I started alternating Young Living lavender oil and helichrysm oil and it started to stabilize. I had a friend wrap it very tightly and secure it on the edges, and kept applying the oils alternately to the bandage. The blood started to turn a dark brown almost black color, but it felt OK, wasn’t throbbing and  I had a gig to go to….


I went to the gig, it was only one hour long. Almost as soon as I started playing it started bleeding again so I applied the same two oils in between tunes and made it thru the hour.


Long story short, I kept applying the oils for about 4 days, the wound turned  black around the edges, never got infected, healed beautifully and I have a very small scar where it used to be. No stiches, no emergency room, no doctor visits!


 Totally Amazing!


I think doctors are great, medicines are great and I’m all for getting good medical attention. But it certainly does help to have these oils to avoid emergency room visits! I’m not advocating making unintelligent choices, just informed ones…..