Healing With Young Living Helichrysm Oil 2nd story

How I Found Out Helichrysm Oil Is Totally Amazing The 2nd Time


I putter around the house fixing things and breaking things. I use hammers, saws, drills and other tools to do things like fixing broken chairs, hanging curtains etc.


One night, after a flood in the basement, I was trying to put a drawer back in a cabinet of a chest, that because of the water, had swollen.   It was giving me particular trouble and I was getting short tempered so I decided to try and chisel out a piece of the swollen wood so it would fit back in the drawer. Alas, that was not such a brilliant idea…


While I was chiseling…. the wood gave way, the screwdriver slipped and a piece of wood about 6/8” long and 1/8” wide went deep into the back of my fingernail of my 3rd finger.  Well, it hurt like the dickens, started swelling, bleeding and turning colors. I found a pair of tweezers and pulled, what I thought was the whole thing, out. I couldn’t really tell because it was still bleeding, it really hurt and was very swollen.


I found my Helichrysm Oils and applied it, the bleeding stopped, but it still hurt quite a bit. By this time I had decided to take a break from the drawer activities and let the finger rest. It was late so I went to bed shortly thereafter.


When I woke up, the finger was red, throbbing, more swollen, started getting yellow with infection and kind of purple. I put more oil on it, it helped a little with the throbbing but not much else.  I waited…


The next day it was worse and throbbing more so I decided to get serious and see if I could find out what the problem was. Without sounding too gory, I cut the skin and saw a large piece of wood was still in my finger. My friend lent me her chemistry tweezers, I poked around and finally got the rest of the wood out.


By this time the finger was really throbbing, really swollen but as soon as I got the small piece out, it felt better. I applied the 4 or 5 drops of helichrysm every 15minutes for a couple of hours, washed everything really well and bandaged it.  The throbbing stopped, the bleeding stopped and it took about 3 days of putting the oil on it as often as I could until the swelling went down and about 2 weeks to get back to normal.


I don’t recommend doing this on your own without a doctors care, but I am one of those 50 million people who don’t want to go to the doctor, and a trip to the emergency room was out of the question. I am really glad I keep 2 bottles of Helichrysm Oil in my possession for situations like this, and I still do for these kinds of reasons.