Healing With Young Living Helichrysm Oil 3rd story...

The Third Time  I Realized How Amazing Helichrysm Oil Is


Having had my 1st and 2nd very successful encounters with the healing ability of Young Living helichrysm oil, I come to my 3rd and most recent experience. This past December 2010, during the Christmas rush of holiday festivities, I somehow irritated the eyelid of my left eye. All of a sudden, I felt a swelling and saw a big red bump the size of a pea on my eyelid. As a child I had experienced them, it was a “stye” or so I thought. I bathed it in saline solution, used hot compresses, tea bags and other natural remedies. I used homeopathic remedies for swellings and cists. It seemed to be getting worse.


My eye was closed shut in the morning, it looked ghastly and I had to wear sunglasses to gigs, I felt terrible. I was out of helichrysm oil. I went to the doctor, one of those emergency care shops. Paid my $90.00 for a prescription of anti biotic cream and $90.00 for the doctor visit. I followed the directions, kept up with the compresses….. I called Young Living and placed an order for 2 bottles of helichrysm oil.


It was not responding well, even with the antibiotic cream. I remembered Young Living has an oil called Trauma Life and I knew I had it, so I started applying that. Trauma Life has helichrysm in it among other oils. I applied it as often as I could throughout the day and noticed it getting better. This had been going on about 3 weeks, it was hovering around the same place with varying degrees of swelling. At times, as big as a large green pea (but of course it was red!) and other times a little smaller. I started panicking, called an eye specialist and was told what I had was a

Chalazion and I might need to have it surgically removed. That would cost $500.00.

This was getting bleak…. I decided to put Young Living Lemongrass on it. Lemongrass is known for it’s antibacterial/antifungal properties. Yikes, did that sting! Still, it did reduce the swelling. (I don’t recommend putting Lemongrass on your eyelid, I’m just relating what I did) 


By this time I was really panicking… I thought I was going to have to do the surgery. Finally the helichrysm arrived. I started applying it as often as I could during the day, directly on the eyelid. It didn’t sting and there was no discomfort. In 2 days the swelling started to go down, in 4 days the bump was ½ its previous size, in 6 days it was almost gone.


There is still a very tiny bump there and a slight redness, but it is not noticeable. The helichrysm is amazing!