Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic and having no gigs!! (yikes) I created my first e-commerce store! I have tee shirts, hoodies, pillowcases, masks, mugs and bling!

I hope you will visit and find something cool to wear, sleep on or drink out of!!

I hope you will visit and find something cool to wear, sleep on or drink out of!!

Cool Merch

The Latest Addition To The Merch Store!

The Latest Addition To The Merch Store!


I started to design mugs in 2016 and kind of stalled because other issues took over. ... But now I'm back up to speed and creating t-shirts, necklaces, pillowcases, covid face masks (not N95's) and other useable items for the house, home, and personal space. 

I am using my photographs and excerpts from my poetry on the mugs and other items. This is all so new to me, but I feel it's a great way to put my images and writing out into the world in a useful way! Coffee anyone?? lol......  

Here is the store link!


Below are 2 pix of the mugs, right now there are about 7 in the store, but I didn't want to post them all on here. Everything I will be designing will not be sold anywhere else except by me in my store. They are unique one of a kind designs. This is fabulous as far as I am concerned and I am mad beyond mad happy I have some really useful items I can brand! Whooo hooooo.....

So off to the races!!  

ps... The two images on these mugs are my photos. The kitties are Ruby Lucille and Princess Sweetie, the two sages in the house, and the other is a photo of 6th ave in NYC looking uptown taken on Sept. 11, 2016. Also, the back round photo you see here was taken at Flatrock Nature Center in Englewood, NJ. It's only about 30 minutes from my house and I think it's 150 acres of nature preserve. The deer was very calm and only about 20 feet from me.

so.... onward and upward!








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My You Tube channel is: www.youtube.com/sevenmoonsred I post videos of my music and poetry that I create there. Come on over and check them out.... Please subscribe to my channel and comment! Here's the newest one: Poetry and Song... "KEEP DANCING" Teri Roiger on Piano accompanying me.

Download a tune on "Shop" in the header!

Download a tune on "Shop" in the header!

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"Grafitti Kiss" is now available on iTunes!

Graffiti Kiss

It's mostly a solo cd and I'm singing and playing flute, alto, vocals, percussion and guitar! Special guests Nick Spidaletto and Hearn Gadbois are featured. This project is a collection of poems written over the past few years. Hope you will check it out and enjoy! The video on this page features one of the poems "THE TIGERS WIFE".