who will sell out next? (P)

who will sell out next?


i picked grapes today

green, sweet falling off the vine

the skins are thick

the seeds brown and bitter


they’ll make good juice

fragrant, potent and pungent

new moon coming

the night is still…


it’s quiet, calm

everyone seems tired

the mood

is low key


the northern mockingbird

who lives in the tree across the street

who sings life songs into the night

got shot by one of the crazy neighbors


this bird would sing every note like a sunrise

like a thunderstorm

like a million raindrops on a pond

like a rainbow


we don’t know who pulled the trigger

but one night

there was no more beauty sounds

coming from the street


the reservoir

looks like a mirror

so still

Jupiter is in reverse


children eating cotton candy

sugared up and acting out

wild with desire

no boundaries keeping them in


no boundaries to create resistance

to hold them up

so they understand

the meaning of limitations


there’s no balance here

perhaps people

can’t tell the difference

between good and evil anymore


between soft and hard

between danger and safety

perhaps the desire to win at any cost

has altered our ability to serve the ultimate good


to believe that life is good

worth the confusion

that living in harmony with nature

will serve the planet


that Nature

with her fire, her water, her air, her earth

will be able to withstand the onslaughts of humans

process all the the garbage


every day

brings a new set of rules…

building up/breaking down



plastic floating in the oceans

oil spills in the gulf

every day brings a new set of rules

who will sell out next?




Dedicated to Kristi Murray, Friend & Justice Seeker