Ningxia Red in Nightclubs!

As I write this the new moon hangs low in the western night sky, that famous sliver of white, suspended in a cloudless New York skyline. The other evening, last Thursday in fact, I went to the Zinc Bar on 3rd st in NYC to the vocal jam they have there from 6:30 to 8pm. I had been busy all day, already had dinner and didn't really want wine, very rarely drink hard alcohol and didn't want tomato/ orange or grapefruit juice. I was wishing I could have a Ningxia Red on the rocks! Now what say you is Ningxia Red? Well, full disclosure here, it is one of those hi tech wonder beverages from the Young Living Essential Oil company, of which I am an independent distributor. It is a delicious "Nutrient Infusion" which contains anti oxident fruits (blueberry, pomegranate, apricot, raspberry, grape) whole ningxia wolfberries, blue agave and therapeutic essential oils of orange and lemon. It energizes, fortifies and replenishes the entire body and I want to know why jazz clubs especially, being the hang out of enlightened types, doesn't have these kinds of beverages at the ready for people who aren't into alcohol that much? Now I know, people go to bars to chill out, listen to music, get a little loopy etc. but why make it so unhealthy? The club would make their money back easily on each drink sold and it would be so nice for the clientele. You could get creative and put it with vodka and call the drink a "Vodka Bliss".... It could catch on and patrons would be getting their anti oxidents and a feel good moment at the same time! I drink Ningxia Red for my eyes.... The wolfberries are great for macular degeneration, an eye problem that develops as we age, among other things! So I think jazz clubs should make an effort to serve something that makes one healthy instead of substances that make you unhealthy!  Don't you agree?