April was Jazz and Poetry Month

Just wanted to publish a few poems written expressly for jazz and poetry month. I had originally wanted to write a poem for each day in April.... But life stepped in and took me away.... Again.... so.... here is what I published on FB. Somehow, FB lost 6 poems. I couldn't find them when I scrolled back to organize them. I wrote them directly into the feed.... Oh well, next time I'll copy! Here's one....


at the end of the day


my thoughts turn to the moon

i look up at the sky to see 

where she is


if it's cloudy

she hides

grey moody strands of dust lounging in the sky


in that dust

pianos play

cats play


the skies might turn angry

or peacefully rest

depending on the tides, the solar flares


the piano sits in the sky

notes tumbling out

sound waves, snowflakes


big hands slam down on the keys

i hear mc coy 

raining on the the moon


i hear jackie byard's


aluminum baby


i hear red garland

workin and steamin

block chords all collard green


i lay down

in the yard

count my blessings


what a gift

this jazz

what a gift.....


Sarah James


#4 for 30/30

April is Jazz and Poetry Month