jazz singers (P)

jazz singers


walk fast in the night

run down deep corridors

find the beginning of rivers

get shovels and start digging


move through ice caves

sing clear blue melting pools

rainbow arrows of songs

past skyscrapers and fields


they trip and fall

with words and melodies

short skirts, high boots

polka dot ties, blue shoes


window panes iridescent

smoky pain slipping 

through feverish



they slide past the moon

in their jupiter shoes

eyes glittering 



songs that spit

songs that caress

songs that soothe

songs that inspire


fire songs

earth songs

warm songs

violet songs


jazz singers don't take any mess

from anybody

they sing what they want

they step aside when the music speaks


they don't trample on your mind

disturb your equilibrium

or otherwise disrupt

a perfectly good message


the message 

is the heartbeat

the soul of the song

the door that opens


the image 

that gives you 

the feeling

that you're after 


jazz singers

don't spell it out

they leave it up to you

to interpret


a nuance

a question

perhaps an unrequited 

lost love


perhaps a lilac tree

perhaps a 




maybe a poor butterfly

or a little red top

or a slow boat to china

or i put a spell on you....


lulled to dreaming

those jazz singers

keep their eyes closed

and dance you to the end of love


Sarah James 


April is Jazz and Poetry Month Slam

Poem #3 of 30