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Spring 2014 has officially Spring....

Hello! So much going on for me... Doing music, poetry, facepainting, videos, henna... just moving forward and doing, doing, doing.... not a whole lot of being, being, being......

I remember the days I could just take a long walk in the woods, and then there were those days I lived in the woods... Nature all around... Nowadays it's work, work, work and learn, learn, learn!

Took a trip to Costa Rica this past winter and spent some very inspirational time in the RAINFOREST listening to birds and taking many photos. The RAINFOREST is stunningly beautiful, the sounds of all the living creatures singing are non stop and you just get into the rhythm of it all so easily. It was a very natural transition for me. I went mainly for dentistry, and was not dissapointed. I'll be writing more about this later on.


For Now ... Just want to say HAPPY SPRING to you and wish you health and happiness!