Looking forward to this gig with Betty! Please make a reservation, there is limited seating.

Betty and I are going on our 17th year of making music in the little hide away spots in New Jersey. Hibiscus is a great place to come, listen to music, BYOB, and have a delicious meal.

Casual attire, great spot for visiting with friends and catching up. Low key and no pressure. Please call and make a reservation. Seating is limited. Free parking and safe location. See you there!

Thrilled and delighted to annound my new line of shower curtains developed from my photographs.

I have always loved taking photos. I love nature photography and catching flowers, the woods, bees, the sky, sunsets, the snow et all. I created a whole line of shower curtains becasue I wanted a big space to show off the gorgeous colors and interesting shapes of nature. I hope you will check out this page and find an image that will inspire you to move forward with love and grace in your life! Pictured here are red roses, the perfect summer flower. What a beautiful thing to start the day with .!

Here is the page where I have many beautiful shower curtains to purchase so you can change the vibe in your home with the seasons and keep things freshhttps://sarahjamesjazzmerch.printify.me/products 

I created a whole line of beautiful shower curtains from my photographs. They are on my Etsy store! www.etsy.com/SarahJamesJazzMerch   I hope you will check them out and find one you LOVE and will enjoy! 

Looking forard to tonites gig with Betty Liste! at Hiscus in Randolph, NJ

Delicious Caribbean food, casual dress, free and safe parking!

Hope to see you! Come Hungry!!  :>) I can't believe it's already the middle of Novenber... Time is just flying by!!  Drive safely and watch out for crazy people!!!  xoxooxxx

It's October! We are doing tthose beautiful fall tunes! Enjoy LIVE music, played by real musicians and no tracks, no computer sounds, just beautiful chord changes and gorgeous, lucious melodies written by our chosen composers! Pure music!!

As the leaves change and trees get naked, join us for a fall warm up!

Plenty of free parking, relaxed atmosphere, delicious food, fabulous music, BYOB, and some nice crisp air! Join us for a your dining pleasure!

Summer Love at HIBISCUS!!

A huge SHOUT OUT to Karlene for her continued support of live music!! and Jazz especially on friday nights!! Also big shout out to Stephan Fuller for curating this wonderful venue and making it so special and fun!

Plenty of parking I might add.... and right next to a golf course  if golf is your thing and you wan to check it out! 

SUMMER continues at HIBISCUS!!

Excellent Human and wonderful bass play John Lenis joins Betty, Stew and myself for a lovely night of summer songs!

Join us!! 

Our Summer Gig July 28, 2023

John Lenis was able to do the gig with us!

It's a fun venue and very relaxed. No need to dress up! Listening room most of the time , but occasionally someone has a burst of energy and moves the chairs around to dance... 

Since covid, it's been a slow return to gigs for me. One venue that continues to present Jazz on Friday evenings is a cool venue in Randolph NJ called HIBISCUS Jamaican Grill. The food is delish and it's BYOB Music generally goes from 6pm to 9pm. Always a good idea to call ahead to make sure the gig is still on and to make a reservation. Hope to see you!!


Betty and I have been making music together for many years. We performed at privatise parties and were a regular feature at the THE STONY HILL INN in Hackensack NJ  for about 15 years. The venue was sold during Covid and closed om August 1, 2022. No news yet on what the property is now. Stay tuned!! 

My You Tube channel is: www.youtube.com/sevenmoonsred I post videos of my music and poetry that I create there. Come on over and check them out.... Please subscribe to my channel and comment! Here's the newest one: Poetry and Song... "KEEP DANCING" Teri Roiger on Piano accompanying me.