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So after all these years I am FINALLY GETTING TO A MAILING LIST! Thank you for signing up and I hope you enjoy my free download! "NOTHING LIKE YOU" WRITTEN BY BOB DOROUGH!

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My You Tube channel is: I post videos of my music and poetry that I create there. Come on over and check them out.... Please subscribe to my channel and comment! Here's the newest one: Poetry and Song... "KEEP DANCING" Teri Roiger on Piano accompanying me.

Download a tune on "Shop" in the header!

Download a tune on "Shop" in the header!

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"Grafitti Kiss" is now available on iTunes!

Graffiti Kiss

It's mostly a solo cd and I'm singing and playing flute, alto, vocals, percussion and guitar! Special guests Nick Spidaletto and Hearn Gadbois are featured. This project is a collection of poems written over the past few years. Hope you will check it out and enjoy! The video on this page features one of the poems "THE TIGERS WIFE".