Full Moon in Pisces

Here on the East Coast it's 2:59pm and the full moon was just at 1pm... I've decided to try again with blog idea, and write new poems here/comment about my interests and leave links for interested parties to contact if inspired to do so. Full Moon in Pisces highlights sensitivity, artistic desire, spiritual elevation and emotional communication. For all water signs, it's a time to let your feelings rip... Great time for writing poems and songs...also, inspired music. here is poem for you... let the earth be your lover the light of the sun is so harsh it reveals all my lines and scars my eyes are red from wine and lack of sleep the moon is kind and forgiving her light diminishes the scars softens the furrows, forgives the lined valleys on the landscape of my skin we worry and triangulate the left over words we heard as girl children admonishments of structures warnings of outcomes if we didn't do as we were told civilization will fall apart families will be torn asunder babies will fall victim to neglect ah but, not true we speak with tongue in heart walk in the spirit of earth mind give the sound of water falling speak words that rest the soul let them wrangle on wall street let them feed the illusion every soul needs the liberation of the mind to free the spirit walk with the wind dance with the waves let the earth be your lover let the moon be your mother (c) 2010 sarah james