happy 2011!






Greetings to You!


Here comes 2011! The year of the Metal Rabbit…

Wishing you Success in all your endeavors, Love, Laughter & Warm and Fuzzy in your Life and much Joy in your Heart!

Not to mention Courage, Fortitude, Vision and Stamina for whatever Life brings you…


I love getting your letters like this, so please let me know what’s going on in your life if your feelin it…. And I hope you’ll enjoy this update from me…


I’m trying to keep my main website (www.sarahjames.com) updated, but I’ve got a lot going on so it’s really on the fly with my postings. But, if there is anything really big going on, it will be there first. Still doing the singing, writing, dealing with real estate, massage and aromatherapy, photographing, earth and animal activistism, astrology and tarot etc….. Plus lately I got involved with DJ work, doing children’s entertainment and face & body painting which has really taken off. I have an agent who is keeping me very busy with all this.  Very different from the jazz and creative stuff, but it pay a lot more bills! And bills there are aplenty…


The very newest thing is that New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut and Pennsylvania have de-regulated their utility companies, which means that more upstarts are getting into the energy business, and I am involved with very green upstart company called VIRIDIAN.  If you live in any of these states, and soon in New York and Illinois, when you sign up with them, you save 10 to 15% on your electric bill because they contract with WIND ENERGY PROVIDERS FOR ELECTRICITY! WHOOPEE! It’s really amazing when you think of it, the first Earth Day was in 1970 and here it is 40 years later, and John Q Public finally has a choice of energy providers. This is what the United States needs to do in a very big way to cut down on all the problems with getting energy from you know who. Here’s the new website for this:

www.Viridian.com/SarahJamesGreenLiving  I hope you will take advantage of this and contact me if you live in any of these states, also give us chance to say hi! Massive amounts of carbon footprints can be eliminated by using wind energy… It’s all on the website, check it out!!


Also, this year I was able to get back in touch with many friends thru facebook! Ha! Don’t you love it? If you are there, find me… There are 26 other people at last count who go by the name Sarah James. I’m the one in the black hat with the Irish lap harp, so please friend me…


Also, this new year will see the release on my recording label Kilamanjaro Disques, the long awaited NANCY KING cd “PERENNIAL” Steve Christofferson, Dave Frishberg, Leroy Vinegar, Sergiu Luca, Ralph Towner and other Portland, Oregon legends. It is an amazing CD, with out of this world music… Probably have copies ready on CD BABY in about 3 to 4 weeks after Christmas, and then, tunes will be available on i tunes etc.  Nancy’s web address is:

www.NancyKingJazz.com    Well worth a visit for really great music!!






I am also working on a new site called:

www.SarahJamesGreenLiving.com which will feature the green electricity energy links, my Young Living green home cleaning products, the very best nutritional products, essential oils, my music, probably my photos, my cards and other things related  to creativity and green living. It’s not up yet as I am still working on it and it’s different from all my other sites because it will be a shopping cart, very fluid and comprehensive.  Please keep a lookout to my main site www.sarahjames.com

to find out more……


If it looks as if all I do is work, you are correct. What can I say? I always seem to bite off more than I can chew… it’s totally OK tho, I like being busy……..


It’s been quite a year for me, and it looks like it’s not gonna let up, so…..

Here’s wishing you and yours,





And many blessings for the coming New Year!

With much Love,









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12.15.10        ©sarah james